Video from Kirill's fans Kirill Turichenko "QUAND ON VIEILLIT'' NOUVELLE CHANSON 2012 France Ukraine Musique: David Hadzis (Suisse) Texte: Michel Bernard (France) Arrangement: Вадим Юрчу... More
16 May 2012 - St-Petersburg, Russia at Arktika 17 May 2012 - Moscow, Russia at Plan B 18 May 2012 - Voronezh, Russia at Tarantul 19 May 2012 - Rostov, Russia at Podzemka 20 May 2012 - Kharkov, Ukraine at Zhara 21 May 2012 - Kiev, Ukraine at Bingo directed and edited by jeroen mylle voiceover by liz dvorkina images by olli bery www. More
autor: me:) seeking family from Norway
My Video Editing seeking family from Norway
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